Recommended Equipment for Kayaking
kayak explore

Kayak Explore - Let's Start the Adventure Now!

It’s a kayak adventure: meet at the water, where you will explore the shores and waterways of the area. Each area you might go kayaking has its attractions and sights you can expect...
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Kayak Rentals

Learn More About Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals are a way to learn about this sport before investing in equipment. If you like the sport, try different types of kayaks before you decide to buy them. Learn more about kayak rentals and have fun...
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Canoe vs. Kayak

Canoe vs. Kayak – Learn the Difference!

The right boat is going to be a very personal choice. It’s important to consider options and find something that offers proper safety and comfort whether you’re buying for yourself or your children...
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Your Kayak Launch

Get Excited with Your Kayak Launch

To get started, if you're not experienced at launching your kayak or want to be safe while doing so, then you should invest in a kayak launch...
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Bonafide Kayak

Bonafide Kayak - Review

A lightweight kayak is a good option. If you plan on using your kayak alone or just with one other person, you should opt for a lighter version. You can easily throw it on the top of your vehicle and take it to where you are going...
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Night-Time Kayaking Trips

Night-Time Kayaking Trips - Learn More!

The benefit is that you can go out on the water at sunset, which means you can get some great pictures and videos. There's also a sense of peace and relaxation when you're paddling out in the dark...
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Choosing A Kayak Beginners Guidelines

Choosing A Kayak: Beginner’s Guidelines

This information can help you make an informed decision to the different guidelines a beginner must have to start kayaking. Each kayak has its unique and different features, various types are covered along with their advantages and disadvantages...
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Kayak Adventure Best Places To Try

Kayak Adventure: Best Places To Try

Discover the ten places that would be perfect for a kayak adventure. Explore the areas and create many memories of your adventure. Each area offers different experiences and opportunities for fun...
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Kayak Fishing – Beginners Tips

Kayak Fishing – Beginner’s Tips

New to kayaking or kayak fishing? Take the following steps to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience on the water. You want to have so much fun that going kayaking again will be included in your schedule...
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Wet Exit Your Kayak

How To Wet Exit From Your Kayak

Every new kayaker must perform and master the necessary skills - The Wet Exit of A Kayak and the Re-Entry. It is important the learner demonstrate their mastery of this skill...
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