Recommended Equipment for Kayaking
kids kayak

Kids Kayaks

Kids kayaks are built differently than adult kayaks. They are made for stability in the water so your child can have fun in the water.
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kayak fishing accessories

Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayak fishing accessories and the gear you need to be prepared for those days on the water. Fishing from a kayak requires more items.
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kayak safety

Kayak Safety

Kayak safety is the key to enjoying this activity. Preparation in advance will allow you to explore and have more fun.
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kayak skirt

Kayak Skirt

You can use a skirt for various purposes, from paddling in rough water to paddling your kayak down a river.
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kayak games for kids

Kayak Games for Kids

Setting up games for kids to play will build the basics of kayaking in a fun way. They are even suitable for beginning kayakers of all ages.
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kayak storage rack

Kayak Storage Rack

Have a basic understanding of what types of kayak racks are available and the most critical factors for your storage needs.
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plus size kayak

Plus Size Kayak

Locate a plus-size kayak to overcome any weight issues that concern you with being able to kayak. There are now kayaks that are made for larger people.
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kayak motor

Kayak Motors

Kayak motors can give the needed mobility. Kayaking is a sport for everyone of all ages to enjoy. The person needs some basic knowledge about kayaking, such as: how to maintain balance and how to move the kayak.
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kayak clothing

Kayak Clothing

Dress not for the air temperature but the water temperature. Wear a wetsuit or a dry suit any time the water temps are 70 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.
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kayak trolling motors

Kayak Trolling Motor

A kayak trolling motor may make kayaking easier and more enjoyable. It can also allow you to bring equipment that you wouldn't be able to carry otherwise.
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