Paddle Board Kayak

Paddle Board Kayak

With the paddle board kayak combo, users benefit from paddle boarding and kayaking with one piece of equipment rather than two.

Like regular paddle boarding, the paddler pushes and pulls on the water using a long-handled paddle to propel them forward. The main difference is that instead of sitting in a kayak, you stand up on a paddleboard.

Design Features

The design features two spines on either side of the board that act as built-in handles, making it easy for your body to wobble and lose balance. A centerline down the nose helps with directional control.

Your hands can also hold onto these lines to help balance if necessary.

Paddle Any Direction

For the most part, paddle boarders can paddle in any direction they like, but they must maintain their balance on the board.

The main advantage of a kayak paddleboard over other longer pieces of gear is that it provides a greater sense of freedom and adventure. Most users also tend to feel safer in the water because they don’t have to share space with another person who could potentially bump into them or tip them over.

Paddling a paddleboard can be challenging. To properly use one, one must be in good physical shape and have a sound understanding of the rules in place for paddleboards. Also, it is essential to remember that paddlers under the age of 16 must wear a life jacket if they weigh more than 55 pounds and if they are smaller than 55 pounds, it is recommended that they wear a chest vest and leg harnesses.

One of the most important things to remember when out on the water is for you to be alert. Always pay attention to your surroundings, watch out for other paddleboards and kayaks, and if you need help getting back in a kayak, shout for help.

Stability improves the boards’ performance and increases durability.

Price Shopping

Most packages start in the $200-$400 range. Adding extra features and accessories can increase your price to the $500-$1,000 range. The combos used for kayak fishing or even paddling in adverse weather situations will cost the most.

You can use a paddleboard in many positions.

You can:
Lie down
Sit cross-legged


These small metal rings are fastened to the hybrid board with glue. The rings are used to attach the seat onto the board and can be used to connect other accessories, too.


This is a common measurement giving the air pressure needed to inflate the paddleboard, so it is rigid—PSI=pounds per square inch. Between 12 and 15 PSI is ideal for filling the paddleboard, so it is hard enough to perform well.


A stand-up paddleboard is referred to as a SUP.

Paddle experience

Wider boards are easier for beginners, giving you more stability as you learn to stand up on your paddleboard. Look for a combo that already comes with a paddle that converts so you can use it as a kayak paddle. Be sure the board has a non-slip surface.

Beginners will do well with a shorter board. 10 foot long and a width of 30 inches
A more advanced paddler can select a longer board.
For fishing, you will want a longer, wider board.

Versatile Combos

With more D-rings, more items can be carried with you as you are on the water. Install extra D-rings. The extra D-rings also give the option to face the seat in many different directions.

An inflatable paddle board kayak combo will make transportation of your combo easier for you to store and move to your launch area.

Here are some possibilities for you to look at and select from for your combo.

Hydro-Force Oceana Paddleboard Kayak Combo
This combo is 33 inches wide and 10 feet in length. When inflated properly it is 6″ thick.
Designed for all skill levels.
A bar that crossed the front of the board gives you a place to push with your feet when you are sitting and maintain a good ergonomic paddle position.
Has a detachable seat for standup paddling. You would need to purchase an additional pump for easily inflating this model.

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package | Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board | 6” Thick
Measuring 30.3 inches wide and ten foot eight inches long this model comes with a kayak seat, a leash, paddle with multiple pieces, pump, eight inch fin, and a storage bag to keep all items together when not in use. Multiple D-rings down the length of the board.

BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard

If you’re into fishing or long-distance kayaking or paddleboarding, then check out the BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard. This board measures 11 feet long and 33 inches wide.
In a stark departure from the height of most kayak paddleboard combos, this design offers a total depth of 10.5 inches. Most other SUP kayak packages measure only six inches deep or less, which means that you’ll sit higher up out of the water with the Deus Aero.

The advantage of sitting higher up out of the water is that, on the whole, you’ll be able to stay drier while you’re paddling. This makes this kayak and stand up paddleboard an ideal choice for colder climates or paddling in windy conditions.

The Deus Aero also includes a stern swim platform that makes it much easier to re-enter if you do go for a swim. This is how BOTE has designed this combo to be easy to exit and re-enter in spite of its higher design.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this SUP kayak combo comes with a fast-action pump and a storage bag that includes rolling wheels. So it’s also an ideal combo for paddlers who like to travel by plane and prefer to roll their board rather than carrying it!
FunWater Ultralight SUP Kayak Package
FunWater Inflatable 10’6×33″×6″ Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Paddle, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash Waterproof Bag

Soopotay SUP Kayak Package

The Soopotay SUP Kayak Package is our pick for the best paddleboard and kayak combo because it’s designed for the perfect balance between performance and stability. With a longer board like this one, you’ll be able to cover more ground with less effort as you gain strength and grow confidence.
We also chose this paddleboard kayak combo because it’s an all-inclusive package if you’re just getting into this sport. You won’t need to worry about purchasing anything else once your Soopotay SUP Kayak Package arrives.

In our experience with Soopotay boards, the storage bag is also super useful for transporting everything that this board comes with and Soopotay also made it large enough to fit extra gear items like our PFD, dry bag, and kayaking shoes.

Last but not least, the backpack straps on the storage bag allow you to more comfortably carry this board (and all its accessories) over short distances. This will allow you to paddle at more remote locations that other kayakers and paddleboarders simply won’t be able to access!