Kids Kayaks

kids kayak

Kids kayaks are built differently than adult kayaks. They are made for stability in the water so your child can have fun in the water. The kid’s kayaks allow enough space for the child to paddle easily.

Kayak (make sure to get one that’s not too big for the kids, you don’t want your kids to be uncomfortable or have trouble steering.)

Kayaking with kids will take extra planning with many safety precautions, but it is well worth it!
What makes kayaking with kids so enriching is the bond you create with them. They’re mesmerized by all the water. Take a few breaks during your trip to let them rest.

It can be hard work, but this kid-friendly activity is perfect. You will have to keep kids safe and provide comforts like snacks, shade, and a few toys.

Features to consider for a kids kayak

Shorter kayaks are more accessible for kids to get their paddling efforts to move the kayak.
Most are made with weight ratings, so know your kid’s weight when searching for a kayak for them. If you find no matching weight ranges, consider an adult kayak.

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Kayak Stability
Wider kayaks are less likely to roll.

Rounded Bottom
The rounded bottom kayak style is popular, but you can also look at a pontoon hull or double hull.

Chines are fin-shaped materials extending out from the kayak to stabilize it and keep it traveling straight.

The best types of kids kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks. This type of kayak allows the kid to sit inside the cockpit with their legs exposed. An easy kayak type to get in and out of and are less likely to roll in the water.

Age Precautions to Take

Do not allow kids under eight years old to paddle without adult supervision. They should wear one of the child-size life vests or jackets and drink plenty of water before starting the trip.

Younger kids can help paddle, but sometimes all the paddling is too much work for them to do. Since they will not be helping with the paddling, you will have to check in on them more than you would while paddling and make sure they’re having fun and staying safe.

It is best for kids under ten to use a tandem kayak that holds two people. The adult can sit in the back and monitor direction.

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Safety Precautions

Select a PFD that has adjustable straps to accommodate the kid’s growth. Ensuring the vest or jacket will keep the kid’s head above the water is essential. The kid’s PFDs have crotch straps to keep the vest or jacket on.

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Sun Protection

You need to protect your kid’s skin from the rays of the sun. Put on some waterproof sunscreen before you start your trip and as soon as you get wet. Put on the sunscreen frequently, usually every two hours. A sunhat and sunglasses are suitable accessories for kids.

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Thin, lightweight paddles are the best for kids kayaks. Have them go with you to try out which paddle feels best to them.

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Having enough water to drink is essential for kids not to get dehydrated. Exerting effort paddling and the sun will make them want more water.

Please give them a plastic cup or vessel so they do not ingest any lake, river, or seawater when you go on your trip. You will also want to pack a couple of water bottles in the boat with you so that they stay hydrated and cool down if they’re feeling overheated from their activity.

A colorful water bottle with times can help them make a game of drinking water more often.

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Tow Rope

If the kids get too tired and do not want to paddle, you will need to tow them in their kayak, so take a rope; usually, 20 feet is a good length. Tie the rope to the front of the kayak to be easy to remove if they want to paddle again. Be sure you do not tie the rope to your kid or tie your kid in a kayak.

More safety tips available in this article Kayak Safety.

Short trips are always beneficial to the kids and easy on the parents. The endorphins released from kayaking will help them feel better and more productive, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your trip.

Please choose a date that doesn’t coincide with your kid’s school schedule so they can go on this outing without having to worry about how they’re going to get homework done. Make sure you choose a day outside of everyday activities, so your kids don’t get bored during the trip.

The sunset is an excellent time to go. Enjoy the lovely sunset through the trees, and then head back home for your kids to sleep early so that they’re not tired for the next day of school!

Location – First, make sure you have a boat that can hold all of your gear, then find a great spot where you can kayak in peace.

There are many big rocks located in shallow water, and they’re perfect for jumping off of while still holding onto your paddle.

Kids can get bored, cranky, and tired quickly while kayaking, especially if they sit in a seat designed for adults. Help your kids be comfortable.

Toys – Pack a fun toy with you that they’ll enjoy while they’re on their trip. They can pick out some new ones at home when they come back, which will be even more exciting because they had to wait for the toys to come back in the mail! Read Kayak Games for Kids for more information.

Food and Snacks – You should have some healthy snacks for them like fruit, nuts, chips, and some granola bars for a quick burst of energy. Always be sure to pack a backup snack if they get hungry.

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It would be best if you sat in the kayak, placed both feet on the floor, and then tilted the body back. You’ll still be able to rise out of it, but you’ll have to use your arms for support.

Parents need to learn about the precautions of kayaking to ensure their children’s safety while doing it.

Teach them these things to help them avoid dangerous situations:

Know all of the different parts of a kayak and what they do. The paddles, foot pedals, and seating are all the fundamental parts. Ensure they know what each one does and how to operate them efficiently.

Show your kids how to load the kayak onto the car, hold it, so it doesn’t tip over, and know how to safely get into the kayak correctly and get out of it.

Teach them how to paddle effectively and know the proper way to steer their boat, which will help avoid collisions with other boats or objects.

Tell them always to wear their life jacket while in the boat and make sure they know how to release them when needed. If your kids are accompanying you on a kayaking trip, you should also teach them how to properly paddle their boat so that they don’t tip over or get water in it.

Don’t get caught where you have to swim home, and your kids are the ones who need rescuing first.

If you find yourself in trouble on your trip and have a life jacket on, it will be easier to rescue you quickly. Be sure you have left where you are going, a time you are going, and a time you will get back, so if you are late, your friends or family can notify the authorities where to search for you.

You should also wear water shoes when you kayak so that your heels don’t get stuck in the foot pedals.
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A whistle is also essential for your safety – if something dangerous happens, you can use the whistle to signal people to help you.

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With these safety tips, any child can enjoy kayaking. You should always tell them to be safe and have fun!

They will be thankful that you taught them how to do these lifesaving techniques later.

Kayaking is a fun experience with the family, and it is a great childhood skill that they can keep using all their lives, so don’t let them go kayaking without you!