Kayak Wheels and Carts

Kayak Wheels and Carts

Kayak transportation requires the use of kayak wheels and carts with multiple tools. You still need to get your kayak from your car to the water, even if you use a kayak roof rack or kayak trailer to get it to the lake, river, or beach where you’re going to launch it.

Depending on where you were able to park your car, a kayak cart may be necessary to assist you in carrying your kayak while you make the trip to the water.

This article will tell you about the various varieties of kayak wheels and kayak carts, the essential qualities to consider, and which one might work best for you.

Prepare to locate the ideal accessory for kayak transportation.

Below is a quick reference to Kayak Wheels, Carts, and Trolleys details.

Best Overall rating is the RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak Cart
Best weight capacity is the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
Best Lightweight is the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart
Most Compatible is the Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart
Best Compact is the ABN Universal Kayak Carrier
Easiest to Store is the Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Dolly
Best for Rough Terrain is the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
Best for Sit-on-Top Kayaks is the Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart
Best Budget Cart is the TMS Kayak Carrier Trolley

RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak Cart

The Railblaza is our top choice because it is simple to assemble and disassemble. You can assemble it and have it ready to wheel in under a minute, or you can disassemble it and stow it in the storage areas of your kayak. The integrated straps are strong and durable, and the rubberized pads work with 99 percent of kayaks. Even a useful kickstand is included to help you load the cart while keeping it in place.

Most kayak hulls are compatible with adjustable rubberized padding.
Rubber tires with no-punch treads
300-pound maximum weight limit
Sturdy and well-built
Simple to assemble, disassemble, and store
Able to withstand rust and water damage

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

This small cart can carry any type of boat, including single or tandem kayaks, canoes, and john boats. With a massive 450 pounds of weight capacity, it has the biggest weight capacity of any kayak cart, and its adjustable width guarantees that every boat rests securely in position during transportation. Even the height may be adjusted, with a low height for top-heavy kayaks prone to tipping over and high height for hulls with unusual shapes or extra depth (preventing rubbing on the wheels).

Although you’ll need to add additional padding on the transfer bars to soften the impact of uneven terrain, the sturdy, no-flat rubber wheels are very durable.
Swiftly disassembles into components that are simple to store
Superior weight capacity
Compatible with all kayak kinds and sizes; adjustable in width and height
Strong frame made of marine-grade aluminum alloy
Suited for pneumatic tires (sold separately)

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

Because of its incredibly sturdy aluminum chassis, the Suspenz cart weighs less than 10 pounds. Even though it doesn’t have the highest weight capacity, you’ll discover that the metal has been powder-coated to resist rust, and the compact cart is well-built. Carry weight is just under 125 lbs.

Its foldability is what makes this such a fantastic choice. Due to its foldable form, you can easily keep it in your car and transport it in the included mesh bag (not in your kayak storage compartments).

Although the 10″ solid tires are small, they roll easily, even in soft, deep sand. Additionally, the frame is equipped with rubber pads that will never harm your kayak’s hull.

It is so light that you can easily lift it into and out of your car.                                              Conveniently compact and folds down for storage
Robust and well-built
Simple to keep in the mesh bag
Included are buckles and cinch straps.

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

This kayak cart by Malone can transport any kayak (or canoe) you may have. The “universal” nature of the collapsible aluminum frame means that it is wide enough to support kayaks of essentially any hull size or form.

The frame is equipped with padding to protect the hull of your kayak from damage, straps to hold it in place, and a stabilizing kickstand to maintain the cart’s upright position while you load. It is appropriate for any little watercraft you wish to take out on the water with a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Any kayak or canoe can be used with the universal frame.
Minimalistic and light
Compact enough to fit in the trunk of your automobile
Tough wheels can handle uneven ground.
Good weight capacity

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

You may tuck the small frame into a corner of your car after pulling the lynchpin to remove the wheels in a matter of seconds. Although the pneumatic tires take up a little more room, the trade-off for superior traction on sand and soft ground is worth it.

One of the most durable and rust-resistant kayak carts on our list, the high-strength anodized steel body can support up to 200 pounds of kayak or canoe. The integrated foam bumper pads ensure that your kayak won’t ever be dented, dinged, or scratched while being transported.

Pneumatic tires absorb impacts and improve navigation on rocky terrain; they are also simple to disassemble and store.
Fantastic for deeper and wider kayaks
Very affordable
Sturdy materials and strong construction

Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Dolly

You can easily transport your kayak with this cart, and you’ll like how compact it folds and disassembles for easy storage. The wheels can be conveniently placed in your trunk or a kayak storage compartment by pulling the lynchpins. Although the frame is too big to fit in your kayak storage, you can use bungee cords to attach it to the back of your kayak. Even if you paddle with it, the high-strength anodized steel frame will never rust. Even a handle is fitted to make transporting it simple.

Although it only supports 150 pounds of weight, it is still durable, well-made, and stable enough to be used.                                                                                                                                              Easily foldable and to dissemble, and storable
Strong and rust-proof
Sturdy, durable steel frame
Suitable for the majority of kayak and canoe sizes
Includes 7 3/4′ ratchet straps

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

This heavy-duty cart has a sturdy bunker bar structure fastened to an axle with pneumatic balloon-style tires. The extra-large tires can handle any surface, including soft sand, rough pavement, dirt paths, and beach grass. Any kayak or canoe may be fitted to the cart’s adjustable width and height structure to guarantee that it is safely cradled and fastened to the cart.

Pneumatic tires in the balloon design can easily traverse any terrain.
Loading and unloading are safe and simple thanks to the adjustable width and height.
Straps are included
Extremely durable aluminum alloy frame

Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart

This scupper cart can be your simplest mode of transportation if you have a sit-on-top kayak with built-in scupper holes. The cart’s width may be adjusted thanks to the flexible frame, making it simple to insert the support beams into the scupper holes. Gravity will hold it firmly in place without the need for any further restraints.

The cart is made on a strong aluminum frame with rubber padding to protect the hull of your kayak. It is also foldable and simple to disassemble. You won’t ever have to worry about it rusting, breaking, or bending because it folds so small that it can be stowed in a backpack or fastened to the back of your kayak while on the water.

Securely bonded connections and a sturdy aluminum frame
Simple but quite useful design
Any sit-on-top kayak can be adjusted for width.
Folds down and disassembles for easy storage. Compatible with scupper holes 3/4″ or larger

TMS Kayak Carrier Trolley

The kayak cart has a respectable weight capacity (150 lbs), a user-friendly design, and a spring-loaded kickstand that makes loading and unloading your kayak exceedingly simple. It is made from sturdy stainless steel and aluminum with foam bumpers to protect your kayak from damage.

According to customer evaluations, the 12-foot tie-down strap that the cart includes is prone to breaking and, after only a few uses, may need replacing. You’ll appreciate how compact it folds down, leaving little room in your garage or car trunk when unused.

Dependable, stable frame
Appropriate weight capacity
99% of kayak and canoe hulls are sized for it
Large tires can tackle rocky terrain and maintain decent stability.
Foldable and small enough to fit inside the hatch of a kayak

Kayak cart types

Three fundamental sorts of kayak carts should be taken into account when shopping:

Platform Carts

The fundamental design of a platform cart is a raised cradle affixed to a frame with an axle and two wheels. Your kayak is placed on top of the cradle, fastened with straps (usually included), and the pulling is started by picking up the other end. Platform carts are adaptable, work with most kayak types (fishing and recreational, sit-on and sit-in), are generally affordable, and are compatible with a sit-in and sit-on kayaks.

Tail-dragger Carts

Tail-dragger carts are made to hold the weight of the load at the kayak’s bow or stern, depending on your preference. When using a tail-dragger cart, you put the end of your kayak onto it, secure it with straps (straps aren’t always included), and move the kayak around easily. They are better suited to short distances since they can hold less weight than platform carts. They work with absolutely EVERY kayak style and are often the least expensive option.

Scupper Carts

Scupper carts are an incredibly creative concept. The cart features two upright support beams slot into the sit-on-top kayaks’ scupper holes. However, for sit-on-top kayaks, the beams inserted into the scupper holes are sufficient to keep the kayak securely on the cart as you wheel it around. They can be used for kayaks without scupper holes (you’ll have to turn the kayak sideways and tie it down).

However, remember that each kayak will have a different number, placement, and width of scupper holes. The greatest scupper carts are usually adjustable, allowing you to vary their width in accordance with the width of your kayak and where the holes are located.

Kayak Cart Frames


Steel is a tried-and-true material that won’t shatter easily, even when a heavy kayak is placed on it. Steel does rust, so to extend its longevity, finish it with a rust-resistant paint or powder coating. An excellent alternative to think about is stainless steel. Steel carts will be more expensive and heavier than other options.


Aluminum is strong enough to withstand the weight of your boats while also being lightweight, rust-resistant, and tensile strength. In general, it is less expensive than steel. The welded joints are often where aluminum frames have the most flaws. Still, all of the aluminum-frame kayak carts we suggest have a reputation for being manufactured from strong metal welded solidly together.

Although some kayaks have parts made of plastic or carbon composite, the frame is always composed of metal (at least on the dependable models we suggest).

Consider these features


Your kayak carts will have pneumatic or solid wheels.

In general, pneumatic (air-filled) rubber tires installed on metal or plastic rims will provide your kayak with smoother sailing, stronger traction, and better suitability for crossing sandy, unforgiving, or uneven terrain (such as beaches covered in scrub-grass or forest trails). However, they cost more money, are more likely to puncture or lose air, and frequently require more upkeep.

Rubber or plastic can be used to create solid wheels, and they usually have some form of tread pattern designed to offer good traction on rocky or uneven terrain. They don’t provide the same impact absorption as pneumatic tires, so your kayak will ride more unevenly. However, they are excellent for moving your kayak along the flat ground (such as a parking lot or well-maintained dirt trail) and are both maintenance-free and puncture-proof.


Since they are not necessary, scupper carts rarely come with straps. The sit-on-top kayak will remain securely in place thanks to the support beams fitted into the scupper holes. However, if you purchase a tail dragger or platform cart, you will need a set of straps to secure your kayak. Purchase your straps if the cart doesn’t come with them.

Adjustable Width

This is something to consider if your kayak is very wide or deep. Most carts are “one size fits all,” but if your kayak is larger, broader, or deeper than average, you’ll need a cart with an adjustable frame or cradle.


The entire purpose of a kayak cart is to make loading and unloading simpler for you. A lightweight, agile cart that requires little effort to load and unload from your car is what you need.

Weight Limitation

Consider this factor in light of the size and weight of your kayak. Even the heaviest kayaks may be transported using most kayak carts, which have a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs. To ensure the cart can support the weight of larger boats (such as tandem kayaks and canoes) and all your stuff, it’s always a good idea to look at kayak carts with a higher weight capacity.


A kayak cart that can be folded down to fit within one of the kayak’s built-in storage compartments or that doesn’t take up a lot of room in the back of your car while not in use would be ideal. If the foldable alternatives are insufficient for your needs, pick a kayak cart that will fit into your car’s trunk or baggage area.

Bumper Pads

Bumper pads are a highly practical component to take into account for a kayak cart. Your kayak needs to be cushioned and subjected to less impact during transit to avoid scratches, dents, and hull damage. Rubber or foam pads can do this.