Kayak Storage Rack

kayak storage rack

First, you need to decide when searching for a place to use your kayak storage rack to store it indoors or outside. While it is possible to keep a kayak inside, it may be best to leave it outdoors.

Typically, kayaks will collect more dust and debris outside in the elements, affecting their integrity over time. Still, there are also many advantages to storing kayaks outside, such as easier access and lower storage costs.

To begin with, let’s find out exactly where all of your kayaks will be stored. Location can significantly affect your storage rack experience.

Many people have their kayaks next to the door in their garage, in a basement, or an extra room.

Many different racks can be purchased to store the kayak. The most popular is a dock rack that allows you to store your boat off the ground but still have easy access.

If you do not have a dock, there are other options, such as an over-the-door rack or a storage unit designed for kayaks. Regardless of what type of storage you select, it should be sturdy and durable to protect your investment from damage while in storage.

Select the Size of Your Storage Rack

You will need to decide where you will be storing the rack and how many kayaks you will need to store on it. Generally, kayak storage racks are designed for holding one or two kayaks, depending on the type of rack you purchase. Some racks are designed only to hold one kayak, while others hold multiple kayaks.

The best way to determine the size of storage rack you will need is to measure the length and width of your kayak. Allow a little extra space, or your kayak may not fit on the rack properly. It would be best to multiply this measurement by two to store two kayaks on the rack.

If you purchase a dock storage rack, it will require a certain amount of space on the dock to install it correctly.

Essential factors for outside kayak storage

Ensure to have enough space for your kayak and any gear that you bring with it. You can place a kayak up to 10 feet from the ground, but keep in mind that putting it on a higher level is helpful if you need extra space for other items.

Also, ensure that you can still use your garage door with your kayak stowed away inside of it.
If possible, make sure that your kayak is wet. This helps stop rust and also helps to prevent damage.

Don’t store your kayak somewhere where it can roll around or bang against something, as this can result in cracks or damage.

Ensure that the garage door is locked when you are not around. If you want to make sure no one can get inside of your garage, make sure to build a wall around your garage and not just close off the door.

Essential factors for inside kayak storage

Keep your kayaks secure and out of the way, but having the correct type of rack is the key. Here are some important factors to consider:

-It is a good idea to mount racks on the wall, if possible. This makes it easier when accessing storage because you can walk up to your wall rack rather than back and forth around obstacles in between.

-It is an excellent idea to provide enough space between the wall and your kayaks. You should have enough room to get your hand between the wall and your kayak. This will ensure that it does not get damaged when you place it back on the rack.

-Having multiple racks is a great way to store multiple kayaks in a small area. By having at least 4 feet of space between two racks, you should be able to fit two of these racks on one wall, which can hold up to 4 kayaks.

-Make sure to have enough space between the racks to reach your kayaks. This will ensure that you won’t damage any of them when removing them from the rack.

-Using a foundation or some support is also an excellent way to ensure the rack itself does not damage your kayaks. You can do this by attaching a strip of wood behind the rack or using a wall-mounted track system for extra support.

-When attaching multiple racks, it is also a good idea to have enough space between them that you can access your kayaks easily. If the racks are too closely spaced, it will be difficult for you to reach across these racks to retrieve one of your kayaks.

-Finally, ensuring that all of your kayaks fit in the storage rack is essential. It is best if your storage rack has a maximum width at least equal to the width of your kayak.

Have a basic understanding of what types of kayak racks are available, and more importantly, what are the most critical factors for your storage needs do you need to keep in mind when choosing a kayak rack,

Rating System:

Use these three categories:
Capacity: This is the maximum amount of kayaks stored in one rack. Basically, this is how many kayaks it will hold at any given time.

Overall construction: This is a general idea of how well the rack is built, similar to durability.

Versatility: This is a general idea of how well the rack can be used without being limited in any way.

Cleaning your Kayak

  • Clean your kayak before storing it
  • Use clean, fresh water to remove dust, mud, grime, or saltwater
  • Clean your kayak inside and outside, clean the rudders, footrests, cables, and seats.
  • All accessories like your life jacket and paddles need cleaning too.

Distribute the Kayak Weight

Place on your storage rack, so the weight is evenly distributed to avoid any possible warping of your kayak; for extended storage, plan to occasionally rotate the kayak to prevent warping of the original side that sits on the rack.

Important Storage Facts

Be sure your kayak is out of the sun and covered so no critters can set up house during the storage time.

You have the choice between
wall mounted racks
free standing racks
ceiling mounted racks

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