Kayak Paddle Holder

kayak paddle holder

The kayak paddle holder can be fastened to any kayak model and makes it possible for you to secure your paddle.

You can use this item either
• on the side of your kayak
• so the paddle goes across the kayak

The holders allow for a universal fit so that you can use them with a variety of different models.

You need some arrangements to keep your paddle secure and avoid falling off the kayak during an adventure.

Experiencing that you might lose your paddle
it can take a while to find it
it can put a damper on a kayak trip

Two main reasons for using

• To secure the paddle
• Protect your kayak from damage if the paddle falls off when out on the water.
When you are out enjoying the water in your kayak, often you need to put your paddle down. A kayak paddle holder is just the perfect place, so your paddle does not float away from you.

Buying Considerations


A Traditional Paddle Holder

A clip is attached to hold the paddle to keep it out of the way when the paddle is not used. This type is not usually in use when paddling.

Assistive Paddle Holder

This type of holder supports the weight while paddling through the water.

Round vs. an Oval Shaft:

Make sure your holder fits your current paddle

Sit-Inside or Sit-on-Top Kayak:

Some holders require blind installs. Others clip on.

Price Range

Ease of Installation


Ease of Use

Paddle Holder Uses

You will know that your paddle is secure as you work to bring the fish you caught onboard. The risk of losing your paddle is reduced. You can position the holder, so your fishing activities are not hampered.

Holders ensure that you keep your paddle handy for when you want to use the paddle again. You can also install a paddle leash for extra safety.

A kayak holder can also move your kayak from the shore to loading your vehicle. Do not leave the paddle in the holder when traveling, however. You can put your paddle in the holder after you arrive at your launch site and are carrying your kayak down to the water.

Store your paddles with your kayak when you arrive home, save space and keep items together.

Kayak paddles can be stored with the blades up to let any water drain. Some paddles can be taken apart, which allows water drainage, too.

It is best to store paddles inside a garage (preferably heated) or your house if possible.

Place the holders in the best place for you to use. If you need to reposition or remove the holder, you can do so. Select your holder by the weight of your paddle and the size of your kayak.

Paddling can be fun until you become uncomfortable. Select your paddle holder to have the most comfort and ease of use.

Purchase a high-quality holder, so it is not a repeat purchase.

These are the Kayak Paddle Holders We Recommend

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder (best overall
About 2 inches in height this paddle holder will not get in the way of your paddling. It mounts on the side so the kayak can be parallel with the side of your kayak or can be mounted so the paddle is perpendicular and across the width of your kayak. (You will need 2)

RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount
Mounted directly on your kayak’s gear tracks and can hold 1 1/8″ to 1 3/8″ paddle shaft.
It is about 2 3/4″ long. A second holder is not needed. Extra mounting areas for your phone or camera are useable.

Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder
Ideal for most sit-in kayaks as it attaches to the cockpit ring. Additional clips can be used for other items.

Sea-Lect Designs Performance Paddle Clip Kit (paddle clip kit)
For a more permanent holder, this kit installs onto your kayak. All hardware is included in your kit but you will need a drill and screwdrivers to mount. Has other attachment places that can hold your paddle leash.

YYST Kayak Paddle Holder Kayak Paddle Clip Kayak Paddle Storage Clip – Attached to Your Pad Eye OR D Rings – Hold Two Paddles – No Paddles Included
This type attaches to the bungee line, D-rings, or pad eyes that are on your kayak.
4 pieces total in package Using 2 can securely hold your paddle.

Kayak Paddle Keeper Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder Kit Kayak paddle clip – kayak Rigging Accessory (pack of 2)-with rivets
The high quality accessory gives high durability. Decide on a mounting spot that gives you the fastest way to access your paddle.

Paddle Leashes

YYST 1 Piece 36 Inch Deluxe Red Kayak Paddle Leash Kayak Rod Leash Tool Lanyard Fishing Leash SUP Paddle Leash SUP Leash
Can stretch up to 38 meters long. Attaches to the paddle leash with Velcro to attach it to your paddle. Works well in both freshwater and saltwater.

Propel Paddle Gear Kayak Paddle & Rod Leash
Its spiral feature can stretch up to five feet. Can be attached firmly and has a quick-release buckle. Hooks to the kayak or to a life jacket.

When getting a kayak paddle holder

The best holders are made from aluminum or plastic. Hard plastic is the most frequently suggested. It will be easier to clean and maintain and won’t cause any damage to your paddle. If your paddle is heavier, it might require two holders.