Kayak Fishing Accessories

kayak fishing accessories

This post is about kayak fishing accessories and the gear you need to be prepared for those days on the water.

When you fish from shore, you do not need a lot of gear. A fishing pole, reel, lure, and bait are your tools. Fishing from a kayak requires more items to be with you in your kayak.

Be sure you have checked with your state, and if you need to buy a fishing license, do that before you go out on the water. Look at Fish and Game websites for the state you are planning to go fishing in so you can be ready.

The Fish and Game Department can give you the closest place from where you are to get your license. Some states have hefty fines if you are fishing without a license.

Here is a list to help you get started

1. The first item on this list is the kayak itself. Kayaks come in two different types – sit-on-top or sit-in kayaks. The decision of which type of kayak to buy depends on:
• how often you go fishing
• where you fish
• if you are looking for a fun experience or just a tool for strictly catching fish

These articles will give you additional information about kayaks to help you make the best choice.

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2. The second item would be an anchor. You may not always use your anchor if you are fishing in structure, but if the wind picks up or the water is choppy, you may need to secure your kayak in place. The size of your anchor should be proportionate to how deep the water is that you are fishing in. If you only fish in shallow water, then a small anchor (or even a rope tied to your kayak) will do.

XIALUO Marine Kayak Anchor Kits 3.5 lb Folding Anchor Accessories with 30 ft Rope for Fishing Kayaks, Canoe, Jet Ski, SUP Paddle Board and Small Boats

3. The third item is a fishing rod holder. The fishing rod holder is also a small-sized item.

RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R with MiniPort Track Mount Kayak Rod Holder Track Mount

4. The fourth item would be an anchor light. The anchor light is an integral part of any boating adventure to help you locate your anchor when you are lost at night and light up a dark spot for fish to bite on for them to see you before biting on something that does not belong.

Five Oceans All-Round 360 LED Navigation Anchor Pole Removable Light, with Locking Collar

5. The fifth item would be a small tackle box with some fishing lines and lures.

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box, Waterproof Airtight Stowaway, 3600/3700 Tray Tackle Box with Adjustable Dividers

Pelican – Exocrate Fishing Bag – Large Saltwater Resistant Fishing Bag – Kayak Fishing Tackle Storage Bag
A problem every kayak fishing trip encounter is limited space. Keeping things organized is very important.
The Pelican – Exocrate gives excellent storage solutions for fishing kayaks. It is made with a heavy-duty zipper and two-rod holders; it also has a lined compartment. The storage unit can be secured on the kayak deck with tie-down loops.

6. The sixth item would be a small pair of pliers. If you are fishing in a little deeper water, these can come in handy.

Piscifun Fishing Pliers Aluminum Braid Cutters Split Ring Pliers Hook Remover Fish Holder with Sheath and Lanyard

7. The seventh item Your kayak paddle is an essential tool for maneuvering your kayak.
BENDING BRANCHES Angler Pro Plus Fiberglass Telescoping Straight Shaft 2-Piece Kayak Paddle

8. Your eighth item would be your camera, phone, or both. If you are looking for some candid shots of those fish you catch on your kayak, then those are what you need.
OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera, Red

9. The ninth item would be a knife. This knife is optional, but I always carry one with me just in case.
KEXMO EDC Pocket Knife for Men / Women, Waterproof Metal Pocket Folding Knife with Clip / Safety Liner Lock / Wooden Handle, Everyday Carry Tactical Knife for Outdoor Camping Fishing Hiking

10. The tenth item for kayak fishing equipment would be. A kayak fanny pack! I use a small pouch on my belt (men’s case), so I can still keep my hands free from the bag.
AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack) | Beach Accessories Best Way to Keep Your Phone and Valuables Safe and Dry | Perfect for Boating Swimming Snorkeling Kayaking Beach Pool Water Park

11. The eleventh item would be your bait, which you choose to bring with you as bait for your fish. I always use fresh-cut corn for fishing, but your bait could be anything you desire. Select this at any fishing shop in the area where you are fishing.
12. The twelfth item would be your lures. There are many types of lures that you can use to catch fish. I have used everything from a simple hook and line to a small metal “bullet” to small bait that has been painted in different colors. Your bait shop in the area where you are kayak fishing can assist you with the lures that are working best at the time you are fishing.
13. The thirteenth item is a small fishing net that you can use to get those hooked fish off of your line and into the kayak if they are too big for your fingers.

Ego S2 Slider Fishing Net

14. Your fourteenth item would be a small cooler for keeping your catch alive and cold until you reach your destination. It is more for people that want to eat the fish they catch.

Lifewit Soft Cooler Bag Lightweight Portable Cooler Tote Double Layer

15. Your fifteenth item would be some drinking water or something, so you don’t get dehydrated as easily.
AQUAFIT 1 Gallon Water Bottle With Time Marker Large Water Bottle Gallon Water Bottle Motivational One Gallon Water Bottle With Straw 1 Gallon Water Jug 10 colors

16. The sixteenth item would be a sun/rain hat.
Home Prefer Mens Sun Hat with Neck Flap Quick Dry UV Protection Caps Fishing Hat 9 colors

17. Your seventeenth item would be some sunscreen lotion.
Banana Boat Sport Ultra, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100, 4oz. – Twin Pack

18. The eighteenth item would be a small shovel that could come in handy if paddling around rocky areas.
RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel w/Pick

19. The nineteenth item would be a small first aid kit that you can keep on hand in case of any traumatic accidents.
First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit, Blue, 298 Pieces

20. The twentieth item would be an excellent fishing reel is essential to having a successful fishing experience for freshwater or saltwater fishing.
STRADIC FL fishing reel

21. The twenty-first item would be a multitool is a must-have for your fishing adventures.
GERBER Linedriver Fishing Line Multi-Tool
Six essential fishing line management tools. A spinning hook vise secures and spins the line for knot-tying; twin serrated scissors serve a variety of cleaning, slicing, and puncturing purposes; and an eyelet-clearing spike works to clear out debris from old line.

I hope this helped, and happy fishing!