Kayak Covers

kayak cover

It is essential to store your Kayak correctly. Kayak Covers are one of the best ways to protect your kayaks and make sure they stay clean and dry. Covers for kayaks depend on if you are storing your Kayak inside or outside and for different times of the year.

Kayak storage covers have different purposes, and some covers are better than others. Whether storing your Kayak in the off-season or during peak season, these tips will help you get the best kayak protection year-round.

Using a cover on your Kayak will extend its life and protect your investment.

Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Covers can keep kayaks from getting rained on or dirty when stored outside. In addition to damage from the weather, they will also protect them from theft and accidental damage when stored together with other items.

When storing your Kayak outside during the summer or in a garage year-round, you need a cover that will protect your Kayak from the elements: sun, rain, snow, or other damaging weather. It is essential to keep your Kayak clean and free of debris.

Find a cover that will keep water out and keep your Kayak free from water damage for long periods. Use a boat cover support pole to keep moisture from pooling and eventually leaking into your Kayak.

The outdoor covers are not very good for long-term storage, but if you want something to put over your Kayak during the winter months, then this is probably what you need. They are really thin and cannot be left on for too long, or else they will rip. If you have an outdoor cover, it is best to have more than one to rotate them out so you will always have a dry one in case a cover gets wet.

Bag style covers are suitable for outside storage and also for traveling.

Before covering your sit-on-top Kayak, insert your scupper plugs. Due to this, water and pests will be unable to enter your Kayak through the drainage holes.

Indoor Kayak Covers

Keep the paddle on top of the Kayak when storing your Kayak inside. Paddles can easily leak when stored in a standing position, and by keeping the paddle on top of the Kayak, they will not leak or drip onto the bottom of your Kayak.

You can use a thicker indoor cover for the garage or for when you want to store your Kayak inside at home. It is also better to have a few different sizes. There are several different types of indoor covers that you can use, but all will keep the water out.

This type of cover can be suitable during the winter months when you want to keep your Kayak in a garage or inside. It will also work well during the summer when it is raining outside. If you have an outdoor cover, you can use this same type to protect your Kayak and make sure it stays dry.

Kayak Cover Material

Kayak covers are different types of materials, but all work the same way. Determining how much resistance the material has against it is determined by your usage needs.

Kayak covers will come in different resistance, so it is best to test the water and the fabric before getting one. The resistance is measured in grams per square meter or square yard, with a higher number being better and more durable.

Nylon, Canvas, and Polyester are all great options for indoor storage cover material. They will keep the Kayak dry during the summer and even winter. They each absorb water differently, though, so make sure to check for what is best for you.

Polyester Cover

The most popular material for kayak coverings is polyester. A fabric with a higher denier will be more sturdy and resist more wear and tear. Polyester has good water resistance and will last for an extended period.


Over an extended period, plastic may start to leak, and there are not as durable as some of the other materials, but it may be more affordable and still do the job.

Storage For Smaller Kayaks

If you have a short kayak, it can probably be kept indoors on a shelf at home. If you want to keep it outside, you will also need a short outdoor cover.

Kayak Paddles

Storing your kayak paddle on top of the boat is the best way to prevent it from leaking, but since some kayaks do not have the space for this, you will have to store them separately. For storage purposes, always place your paddle in a bag or wrap it up so that water does not get inside. Plastic covers for your paddles will always stay lightweight, making them easy to throw in a bag for travel.

Folding Kayak Cover

Folding kayak covers are better for travel since they can be folded up into a bag and kept until needed again.

Cover your Kayak when you are traveling. Kayak covers for travel will prevent road dirt or debris from getting on or into your Kayak. It can also prevent vandalism or someone tossing in their trash when walking by your vehicle where you have your Kayak in a carrier.

Cover Fit

  • Measure the length of your Kayak from bow to stern
  • Measure the width of the beam at its widest point and the depth.
  • You can also find these measurements in the manufacturer’s specs. Remember to include any characteristics that stand out, such as the seat, in your calculations. Review these measurements to the dimensions of your chosen cover to ensure a correct fit.
  • Kayak covers come with a set of measurements for the kayaks they fit.

Shower Cap Style Covers

The Best Marine Kayak Cover is a shower cap-style cover that is simple but effective. You can cinch this cover tight with the many adjustment straps to ensure water drains properly. As a result, the cover is handy for moving your Kayak, as the tautness prevents flapping and noise.

Dulcii Universal Cover This shower cap style cover attaches with straps and pulls tight with a bungee cord around the edge. You will need extra protection like a tarp for a complete waterproof covering.

GYMTOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover is a shower cap style cover made from 300D Oxford Tafetta and is an excellent waterproof kayak cover.

Kayak Bag Style

The iCover kayak cover is a kayak bag in 3 sizes made from 600D Polyurethane coated polyester. Bag style covers are suitable for outside storage and also for traveling.

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty kayak cover is a waterproof bag-style cover with a long zip opening. These bags are large enough to store your accessories in them as well. The upper deck has carrying handles so you can easily move your Kayak.

The Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover is a versatile solution that comes in various sizes to fit almost any kayak size and design.

Cockpit Covers

A cockpit cover that nicely shuts out the elements and any potential animal intrusions is the next best thing to a complete kayak cover for the best level of boat preservation and protection. Cockpit covers are also more successful at producing a true watertight seal (depending on the model, of course), so consider combining a full boat cover with a cockpit cover to provide the best amount of kayak protection.

Some of our favorite alternatives for a variety of kayaks and cockpit types are as follows:

Seals Cockpit Seal Cover

Seals Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover

NRS Super Stretch Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover

Perception TrueFit Kayak Cockpit Cover – for Sit Inside Kayaks

Wilderness Systems TrueFit Cockpit Cover – For Pungo and Other Sit-Inside Kayaks – W13,Grey