Kayak Adventure: Best Places To Try

Kayak Adventure Best Places To Try

It’s Kayak Adventure Time!

Looking for a place to up your kayaking game?

Here are the ten places that would be perfect for a kayak adventure.

A. Hudson River Greenway Water Trail, New York:

This is the perfect escape for those who are always busy with life in the big city. The Hudson River can allow kayakers to embark on a day’s trip or a journey spread over several days. There are several camping and hiking opportunities along the trail, and it offers incredible scenic views.

B. Waccamaw River Blue Trail, South Carolina:

This gorgeous trail originates from the Waccamaw River Heritage Preserve until Winyah Bay. Its length offers scenic views as well as opportunities for various wildlife sightings. Fishermen prefer this trail too.

C. Boundary Waters, Minnesota:

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is found in Northern Minnesota and has over a thousand lakes. There are over 1,200 miles of the water trails and this is the perfect place to get one kayaking on. There are different types of wildfire here such as owls, loons, deer, wood ducks, and bears. For a good kayak adventure, it is advisable that you plan a multi-day journey and there are numerous campsites that you can visit.

D. Lake Almanor, California:

Located in Northern California, this lake provides the most amazing views of mountains and trees. You can rent a kayak in any city along the lake which makes this lake the perfect place to plan a day kayaking trip. Bald Eagles, Heron, several duck species, and geese are some animals you can see while kayaking.

E. Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trails, Washington:

This allows for perfect exploration of the Puget Sound region. A special trail, it can be turbulent as water levels might increase due to tides. A great place for kayak adventure wherein the water here is salt water and there are numerous places to camp. Even a kayaking beginner can maneuver these parts.

F. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan:

Located in the Upper Peninsula, this has the perfect setting for a day trip. It has enormous rock formations and beautiful cliffs that offer amazing views as you paddle through. Towards Lake Superior, the water currents get tougher which is why only paddlers of an intermediate level and above can go through it.

G. Clinch River, Tennessee:

This offers Southern-style fun and relaxation. There are gentle water rapids that stir things a little, but they are short-lived. This river is ideal for kayaking and any skill level kayaker can maneuver.

H. Missouri National Recreational River Water Trail, from South Dakota to Iowa:

This trail runs from South Dakota into Nebraska and finally stops at Iowa. It offers scenic views and gorgeous landscapes including the one made by Lewis and Clark in the early 1800s. You can relax while learning some interesting facts.

I. Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia:

This is great for all paddlers. Here, you can partake in the day trip or a multi-day journey, and there is a 44-mile tour. The swamp has several campsites that are elevated to allow easier access from the water. It is advisable to visit during spring or fall as mosquitoes are abundant during summer.

J. Black Canyon Water Trail, Arizona and Nevada:

This trail passes through the Lake Mead Recreation Area, beginning at Hoover Dam and running till Lake Mohave. The views seen here are amazing such as the red rock formations, Hoover Dam, and gorgeous desert landscapes.

K. Blue River, Greenland:

Located in Greenland’s glaciers, this spot features clear blue water gotten from the melting ice. There are white sands underneath which give it a turquoise-like appearance. The bed and direction change annually, but this is a sight to behold. You’ll love spending time here. Summers are filled with mosquitoes, have less visitors, and are beautiful. Winters are the most popular seasons.

L. Hawaii:

This volcanic island has numerous attractive features that make any time spent here enjoyable. You can get on a kayak, just paddle and enjoy the scenic views of the forest, coastline, etc. The Kauai cliffs and Kilauea volcanoes are a sight to behold. There is no designated time of the year to visit, if you want to carry out an outdoor activity, Hawaii is the place to be.

M. Moraine Lake, Canada:

The water here is a lovely turquoise color, has amazing views, and is breathtaking. Located in Banff National Park’s mountainous area, it is a beauty. The mountain peaks reflect in the water, which combined with the fragrance from the trees, leads to an enjoyable experience. There is no set time of year that you should visit, go anytime and have an amazing kayaking adventure.

N. Maldives:

The beach areas here are every outdoor person’s dream. White sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and hotels nearby, and crystal-clear water. Most resorts provide several equipment and facilities for their guests such as an organized kayak trip, beach volleyball, diving lessons, etc. Maldives is perfect for you to relax, laze around, and have a good time.

O. Soca River, Slovenia:

Flowing through the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps, this river is a natural beauty and famous tourist attraction. It’s most impressive feature is that its deep turquoise color doesn’t change throughout its full length. You can also do a fishing from your kayak when you are here. The best time to visit is during the summer as winter can be extremely cold.

P. Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, USA:

This is the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States. Flowing between the states of Utah and Arizona, it attracts over 2 million tourists annually. It offers an amazing kayaking adventure due to the intricate twists and turns it has.

Q. Milford Sound, New Zealand:

Described as the eighth Wonder of the World, the ford offers amazing views such as its waterfalls named Stirling Falls and Lady Bowen Falls. However, heavy rains produce numerous temporary falls. You can spot whales or dolphins as you glide along. At the end of the waterfalls, there is a beautiful drop.


Make your choice and ensure the next kayaking trip is enjoyable and relaxing.