Inflatable Kayak: Learn Its Different Models!

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The use of this is sure to bring up some kind of skepticism as to its durability and safety. You might wonder if it wouldn’t be punctured by a sharp object and then, render your helpless in the river. Don’t worry, your doubts are not entirely true; because the inflatable kayaks are very quite tough and durable.

Below you’ll find some models and its  reviews:

An inflatable kayak usually has multiple chambers, which allow it to stay afloat even if one chamber is compromised. These kind of kayak are made from very strong material quite stronger than a standard balloon.

One major advantage of it is Portability. It is very easy to carry about; can fit perfectly into a car when deflated and they just occupy few space in the house.

Inflatable Kayak Boat – Can Still Sink!

When there is a problem with more than one of the chambers in the kayak, there is a risk of the kayak to sink.

Also, when there is a hole in the boat where water is sipping, then be sure that the boat is at risk of sinking.

Despite the fact that the modern inflatable kayaks are durable and not easily punctured there are still chances that they can sink.

Sevylor Quikpak K5

The Sevylor Quikpak K5 is a very good model that is recommended for beginners. It is very easy to inflate and deflate, and its short time of set-up will get you rocking and enjoying the water in time and without much stress.

The K5 has a length of 35.5 inches with a weight of 25.5 pounds and despite the lightweight range, it remains very durable. The Sevlor Quikpak is quite stable in water due to its many chamber; even if one becomes compromised, the other chambers are still inflated to keep the kayak afloat.

This beautiful model comes fitted with a spray cover which helps to keep one’s legs dried and protected from sunlight which is an advantage for individuals who can easily get sunburned after spending a lot of time on water. Very suitable for Beginners.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sports Kayak

This model of the inflatable kayak is a wonderful choice for an individual who has had enough experience with other recreational kayaks and is in need to experience another form of adventure.

One major characteristic is its versatility as it can be used in every kind of water condition, ranging from a stable and calm river to the turbulent waves of an ocean.

Although the Advanced Frame Sports Kayak looks like the traditional hard-shell kayak, this particular kind can easily be folded and can be fitted into the trunk of your car.


  • It has a length of about 32 inches with quite a little size.
  • It has a weight of about 26 pounds which makes it portable and light weight.
  • Although this kayak is inflatable, it cannot easily tip due to its stability.

Hobie Mirage i9s

Hobie Mirage i9s is a form of luxury kayak due to its exquisite design. It has built-in rudders which gives effortless and easy steering, even when the water is rough and the wind blowing hard. It has a large cargo area and has tie-downs and other essentials to help keep your gears well secured.

You should make use of the carbine to ensure your stuffs are really in place, even when your kayak tip. Well, the kayak is very stable and the chances of it tipping is quite small.

There are also wheels in the Hobie Mirage i9s case, which makes it easier to be transported.


  • Quite heavy with a weight of about 41 pounds.
  • The adjustable and comfortable seat adds to this weight.
  • Has a length of 36 inches.
  • Can easily stand as the longest in the models reviewed here.

Intex Challenger 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

The Challenger K2 Kayak is an inflatable model of Kayak designed and produced by Intex Recreation. It is made from high quality very tough vinyl which gives necessary durability and provides resistance that prevents tears and makes it less prone to leaking.

This model of Kayak is quite ideal for individuals interested in exploring the lakes or other form of slow flowing rivers. It also has a good size with the inflatable seat well fitted with a backrest that is suitable for anybody and grants maximum comfort. It is also very affordable.

The Challenger K2 is also very safe as it meets the basic safety requirements prescribed by the Coast Guards and has passed the standard stress testing that has ensured its safety. The Intex K2 model will surely provide you with lots of fun and amazing time in the river for a long period of time.


  • Capable of carrying 1-2 persons;
  • Has a weight of about 33 pounds and a length of 33 inches;
  • Carrying a weight of about 400 pounds.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Pro Package

The Sea Eagle provides a comfortable kayak that is used to enjoy a ride down the Class III rapids giving a relaxing paddle in a lake.

It has a very durable and sturdy PolyKrylar hull that is very tough. This kayak is capable of withstanding any sharp object and can effectively resist any form of tear and puncturing.

The Sea Eagle has a length of 30 inches and has a weight of just 32 pounds.

It has an I-Beam structure that is sure to provide the needed rigidity. It also has 2 skegs which provides the Sea Eagle with an advanced track that ensures maximum efficiency and speed.


  • Removable seat, 2 inflatables for 3 persons;
  • Front and back self-bailing drain valves with an additional rope handles in  front and back to ensure portability.


Irrespective of the price range, there are various kind of inflatable kayak that you can get for yourself.

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