Greenland Kayak Paddle – Must Try!

Greenland Kayak Paddle

Unlike many of the traditional canoe paddles, it is narrower and longer. The Greenland kayak paddle is a kayak paddle design that hunters, fishermen, and travelers have used in the Arctic for centuries.

Difference of Greenland

Kayaks have been used in Greenland for centuries. They are designed differently than those used in other parts of the world. The most notable difference between these two paddles is their size.

The Greenland paddle is about 25% longer and much wider than a regular kayak paddle. The paddle allows a paddler to apply more power to the water and make better use of long, hard strokes with each paddle.

The Greenland paddle was first made from manila. The manila from which this paddle-style is made most often comes from a tree that grows in South America and Africa’s tropical regions. The paddle has been used in the Arctic for centuries for hunting and fishing.

Because it is light, it allows a person to carry more equipment to the water than does a more traditional paddle.

The Greenland paddle is modeled on the original design of the indigenous kayak paddle from Greenland.

Although hundreds are portrayed in hand-carved walrus ivory, bones, and antlers, no one is sure where the original design originated. The paddles have been used in the Arctic since Viking times in Greenland.

First Kayaks

The first kayaks were constructed from a long, wooden plank or tree trunk. The tree had a hole in the middle for the occupant to sit. The boats were easy to build, repair, and were fast. They were also remarkably versatile and could be used for fishing, hunting, transport, and warfare.

With the change to metal boats in the late 17th century, a new design was required. The new boats needed a paddle which would provide an efficient cutting stroke with a secondary action to drive a vessel forward through the water.

A kayak paddle’s shape is derived from this design. The Greenland Kayak blade is wide and long, with an asymmetrical configuration that provides control in one stroke and power. Greenlanders have used this model for centuries.

The modern kayak paddle has been built with a progressive, one-piece carbon or fiberglass shaft. Its blade is usually made from a high modulus polymer with a blank shape designed for an ideal wind tunnel and altered in the mold.

The blade can be molded to the paddle’s shape so that it is not unique to any particular kayak and can be used on all small boats. Most of them have fine ribbing added to the blade either along the paddle’s length or at the tip.

Features of this Paddle include:

  • Durable and lightweight PVC blend which is both easy to carry and handle
  • The shaft is made from a fiberglass-reinforced nylon composite, which makes it sturdy and the blade durable
  • It’s well designed for personal use or use with a small group of friends.
  • Comes as a set of two paddles in a carrying case.
  • It’s great for recreational activities like camping, fishing, ice fishing, gathering berries, and so on
  • The length is about 80 cm, and the blade thickness is 6 cm
  • Materials used: Polypropylene fiberglass reinforced nylon composite shaft, 6 mm fiberglass reinforced nylon composite blade.

Which age is best for the Greenland paddle?

The Greenland paddle works best for teenagers and adults who are at least 5’5″ tall or taller. This paddle is also suited for experienced kayakers, groups of people who like outdoor activities but do not have a lot of equipment. The Greenland paddle makes enjoying outdoor activities easier and more affordable.

What are the materials in the Greenland paddle?

-The shaft is made up of fiberglass reinforced nylon composite.
-The blade is made from 6 mm fiberglass reinforced nylon composite. The blade and shaft together make a strong, sturdy paddle.
-The seal between the shaft and blade is excellent as it provides a good airtight seal and doesn’t leak.
-The blades are flexible enough to make navigating your kayak easy. The flexible blades enable kayakers to use the paddles in any direction.

The flexible blade gives you more control over your kayak and helps when maneuvering. The coating on the blade makes it water-resistant and prevents your hand from slipping off easily.

The combination of fiberglass reinforced nylon composite shaft is easy to carry, lightweight, and durable. It’s also easy to store because it can be folded into two parts with a maximum length of 80 cm when packed into a case.

The fiberglass reinforced nylon composite shaft is also flexible and can easily bend without breaking.
The nylon makes the shaft flexible enough to hold a grip on your kayak’s handle. You can get a better grip on your kayak paddle with the flexible shaft, which also makes it easier to turn and helps you navigate.

The fiberglass reinforced nylon composite is easy to handle because it doesn’t have too much texture or rough edges, which could cause injury or discomfort during use.

This material is why the paddle works for a group kayaking on a lake. The smooth surface on the top end of the paddle is also comfortable to hold.

The blade and shaft are joined together by plugging them into each other, making it an easy way to join them because it doesn’t require any tools or time. The blades aren’t reinforced with fiberglass, but they are flexible enough to withstand rough water use without breaking or cracking.

The blade is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon composite, and the shaft is made of polypropylene fiberglass reinforced nylon composite. The blade is thicker than the shaft, and because it’s thinner, it makes it easier to handle. The blades are also flexible enough to bend when needed, which makes maneuvering easier.

What else do I need for the Greenland paddle?

The Greenland paddle has a cover that keeps its surface from getting splashed with water. The cover also covers the shaft and blade. The protective cover has a zipper to make opening it easier when you’re carrying the paddle around.

The Greenland paddle’s fiberglass reinforced nylon composite shaft and its fiberglass reinforced nylon composite blade are light, making them easier to carry around.

The Greenland kayak paddle is easy to fold up for convenient storage in a waterproof case. The case is waterproof, which means your paddle will be safe from water damage.

How to use this Greenland paddle?

When you’re paddling in the water, you should hold the Greenland paddle with both hands. When you use both hands makes it easier to navigate and makes it easier for you to get out of the kayak when needed. Holding the Greenland paddle also helps when maneuvering because it gives you more control over your kayak.

To hold the Greenland kayak paddle with both hands, grip it by the handle. You can then place your knee on the paddle’s shaft and hold it in a stable position. Your elbows should also be firmly placed against your body to help keep a steady and firm grip on your paddle.

You can use this Greenland kayak paddle for different activities like kayaking, skating, or canoeing. The material can withstand rough use in water without breaking or cracking.

How do Greenland paddles differ from other paddles?

The Greenland paddle is different from other paddles in several ways. These differences are as follows:

  • The blade is thicker than the shaft, which gives you a better grip on your kayak.
  • The Greenland paddle has an ergonomic design. This design means that it has different grips and bulges at different shaft areas to make it more comfortable to hold.
  • The Greenland paddle covers the shaft and blade with a protective cover which makes it water-resistant. Being water-resistant gives you peace of mind because the Greenland paddle can withstand water damage.
  • The shaft and blade are easily joined together by inserting them into each other’s opening.

Greenland kayak paddle benefits:

  • The price is low because it’s made up of composite fiberglass instead of aluminum. The fiberglass makes it more durable and long-lasting.

This flexibility makes it easier to use and more comfortable to hold for an extended time.

  • The Greenland paddle is comfortable and easy to carry because it’s lightweight.
  • It’s easy to fold up for convenient storage in a waterproof case. The case is waterproof, which means your paddle will be safe from water damage.
  • Paddle paddles are different from oar paddles that are used for rowing boats or kayaks. The Greenland paddle is different because it’s made up of a blade and shaft, making it ergonomic. The paddle is flexible enough to bend without cracking or breaking, making it durable and long-lasting. This feature is also great because you can easily use this paddle for any activity like kayaking, skating, or canoeing.

Colors available
It’s available in different colored blades, including silver, red, pink, blue, and emerald green.

Wrap Up

The Greenland Kayak Paddle is a choice that can make your kayaking more enjoyable. Test this paddle and see how it compares with other paddles you have used. You might be pleasantly surprised.