Fishing Kayak Paddle

Fishing Kayak Paddle

When selecting a paddle for kayak fishing, the small details can make a difference. Here are some points that can help you find a fishing kayak paddle that works well for you.


The paddle length you select depends on how wide your kayak is and then your arm length. Look for the kayak width that is comfortable for you to paddle. You can adjust your seat to a low or a high seating position. A higher seat is needed for the paddle to be held at an angle, so you need a longer paddle.

It is crucial that you do not have a short paddle that hits the kayak because the fish know the sound. You could scare away the fish.

Blade Shape

Learn the difference between low and high-angle blades. High-angle blades are best for recreational kayaking. A blade at a 90-degree angle is more tiring on your muscles.
Low-angle blades are best for fishing and cause far less body fatigue.


For beginners, opt for lightweight paddles. A good selection would be an aluminum paddle.

If you are physically in good shape, a fiberglass paddle or a carbon fiber paddle will let you arrive at your fishing destination faster because of the stroking efficiency.

These are the nine kayak paddles we consider the best for fishing. We hope it has helped you find the right paddle for your needs so you can concentrate on bringing in your big catch and having more fun.

Selecting your kayak paddle for fishing can be a project. The information here will help you simplify the process. They are listed from lower to higher in cost but study the features to consider the best paddle for you, your body, and your fishing style.

Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle
Lightweight aluminum Weight 2 lbs Length 244 cm
comfortable foam grips and drip guards Adjustable shaft to match your paddling style and the water conditions

Advanced Elements PackLite 4 Part Paddle
Backwater Paddles Assassin Carbon Fiber Paddle
ABS injected nylon blade, carbon hybrid shaft Weight 38-42 oz Length 230-240 cm
sleek design, serrated teeth edge.

Vilgen Kayak Paddles
Ribbed blade, aluminum shaft Weight 1.9 lbs Length 244 cm
Two ores that can be combined to form a paddle.

SYMBOSIA Angler Kayak Paddle
Fiberglass reinforced nylon blade, aluminum fiberglass shaft Weight 3 lbs Length 240-250 cm Can modify the length, the blade, and the drip rings. The unique shape of the hook will allow laaaatching onto a new without ripping it.

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle
Glass filled polypropylene blades, fiberglass shaft Weight 3 lbs Length 220-240 cm
Light fiberglass shaft, Blades are slightly asymmetrical. They are efficient and the blade shape grabs more water.

Backwater Paddles Assassin Carbon Fiber Paddle
Patented “hook and teeth” blade design

BENDING BRANCHES Angler Ace 2-Piece Snap-Button Fishing Kayak Paddle
fiberglass reinforced blades, carbon shaft Weight 1 lb 12 oz Length 230-270 cm
Can take apart into 2 pieces Can be adjusted to a variety of angles.
Built-in tape system on the shaft so you can measure your fish as soon as it is out of the water.

Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle
Fiberglass blade, carbon bleneight 28 oz Length 220-260 cm
Light weight and easy to use. Can take apart into two pieces.

Wilderness Systems Alpha Angler Carbon Kayak Fishing Paddle
Ultra lightweight carbon fiber composite blade, carbon shaft Weight 27 oz Length 240-260 cm