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Night-Time Kayaking Trips

Night-Time Kayaking Trips - Learn More!

The benefit is that you can go out on the water at sunset, which means you can get some great pictures and videos. There's also a sense of peace and relaxation when you're paddling out in the dark...
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Choosing A Kayak Beginners Guidelines

Choosing A Kayak: Beginner’s Guidelines

This information can help you make an informed decision to the different guidelines a beginner must have to start kayaking. Each kayak has its unique and different features, various types are covered along with their advantages and disadvantages...
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Kayak Adventure Best Places To Try

Kayak Adventure: Best Places To Try

Discover the ten places that would be perfect for a kayak adventure. Explore the areas and create many memories of your adventure. Each area offers different experiences and opportunities for fun...
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Kayak Fishing – Beginners Tips

Kayak Fishing – Beginner’s Tips

New to kayaking or kayak fishing? Take the following steps to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience on the water. You want to have so much fun that going kayaking again will be included in your schedule...
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Wet Exit Your Kayak

How To Wet Exit From Your Kayak

Every new kayaker must perform and master the necessary skills - The Wet Exit of A Kayak and the Re-Entry. It is important the learner demonstrate their mastery of this skill...
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Kayak Essentials You Need to Know

Kayak Essentials You Need to Know

Having knowledge about kayak essentials will allow you to have a secure, safe and happy kayaking experience. Some items are essential and must be found immediately while others could wait.
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Best Recreational Kayak

Best Recreational Kayak: Your Guide

The most experienced and also the newbie really love to have a recreational kayak. These kayaks are designed for calm waters like the streams, rivers or the small lakes...
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Haul Your Kayak

How To Haul Your Kayak: A Quick Guide

You must know how to successfully transport your kayak before taking it on the water. A safe transport method is also needed. Choose the transport method that works best for you...
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Smooth Kayak Launch

10 Tips To Enjoy A Smooth Kayak Launch

The top ten tips to help you enjoy a smooth kayak launch so you will have a great day paddling on the lake or river...
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sturdy kayak journey

Tips For A Sturdy Kayak Journey

Kayaking requires a functional kayak, rowing paddles, and a body of water. Here are a few things that can make you enjoy any time spent on the water....
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