Cape Cod Kayak Rentals

Cape Cod Kayak Rentals

One of the most spectacular places to kayak Cape Cod is on the coast just outside Provincetown. The water in this area is clear, sparkling, and the coastline is home to many famous lighthouses, such as Race Point Light and Monomoy Light. Provincetown Harbor also offers a beautiful vantage point when you’re done kayaking —pull up a stool at one of the bayside restaurants overlooking Nantucket Bay or harbor. Enjoy all of this with a Cape Cod kayak rentals.

If you plan on going kayaking in the winter, be prepared for cooler weather and icy conditions. Because it is not a time of year that many individuals choose to go kayaking due to the cold, there will likely be less foot traffic. However, some channels and areas may close if there is too much ice in them for safe kayaking.

Some places have a mandatory kayak inspection program where you need to bring your boat every five years to ensure it is still safe to use. You may have to get rid of some time-worn equipment (like your seat) and buy new pieces, but most people think it is worth it for the safety checks.

What is this area like, and why would I choose it?

Cape Cod is an area located in the very southernmost part of Massachusetts in the United States. It’s full of history for all to enjoy and is a beautiful place for vacationers to visit. The weather is pleasant year-round, with no snow and little rainfall. Provincetown is at the tip of Cape Cod, which gives it quite a maritime flair.

The town’s history was mostly formed by the American Revolution and those in the War of 1812. After that, Provincetown was developed as a vacation destination for people from all over New England and beyond. This town is the first of the three major towns that make up Cape Cod, followed by Hyannis and Barnstable.

Does this area have activities for kayakers and other water activities?

Cape Cod has an amazing amount of activity for kayakers and other water activities. Most waterfront towns have a sandy beach or a pier that you can use for your water activities.  There are also many creeks and ponds that provide a great natural environment for kayakers and great places to swim.

Wellfleet, Truro, and Sandwich are especially rich in the number of creeks, ponds, and bays you can explore. *If you want to go on a kayak tour, you can go with:

Hobomok Outdoors located in Harwich Port or Salt Pond Kayaking in Orleans. Two women have been offering guided kayak tours in Cape Cod for almost 20 years now. *If you want to take a guided kayak tour with Jeffrey Carver, you can go with: Provincetown Kayak Tours

Kayaking in the Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is not a safe place for kayaking unless you know what you’re doing. These waves are extremely powerful, so help will be hard to find if you ever get in trouble. Many Cape Cod Bay areas also contain strong tides, which can be dangerous if you don’t know how to predict them.

Before you go kayaking, make sure to have the right equipment with you. Not having a safety whistle or a buoyant bailing bucket could get you in trouble in case of an emergency.

A compass and a hand held marine band radio are other essentials that can help you navigate your way through the waters. In addition, bring plenty of sun protection and water to keep you from getting overheated or dehydrated. The best place to go on Cape Cod for rental equipment and tours is Provincetown Harbor Tours.

Salty water and salty air can dry out your skin and hair

You need to keep hair and skin moisturized, so if you have long hair, secure it by pulling it back in a ponytail. The best way to protect your face is to wear sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

For anyone hesitant at first, you are assured that kayaking can be an easy, safe experience with proper instruction and equipment

The staff at each of the kayak rental places can help you select the ideal kayak and paddling gear for your specific needs. They will teach you how to launch, correct angle of approach (avoid tipping), how to safely maneuver, how to get in and get out your kayak, and steering using a paddle.

1. They also include a safety orientation which consists of:
2. An overview of Cape Cod’s unique environment
3. Help in identifying potential hazards associated with being on the water
4. What your appropriate response should an accident occur. Whether you have rented our Cape Cod kayak rentals before or this is your first time, please familiarize yourself with the equipment, location, nature of the activity, and any other information you might find useful.

Please note that rental equipment is intended for use on Cape Cod waters ONLY. The people going are required to wear life jackets!

These are a few tips to ensure a fun and safe kayaking adventure

All participants should know how to swim and be comfortable in the water. Learn how to adjust their life jacket for comfort.

  • Check your life jacket for any tears, rips, tears, or damage before going into the water.
  • While on the water, wear your life jacket at all times.
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Bring a whistle and a waterproof cell phone to use in case of emergency.
  • Stay near your kayak and swim parallel to shore in shallow waters.
  • Never paddle alone.
  • Never try standing up in your kayak.

All kayak and SUP rentals are for a minimum of 2 hours. If you plan to go out on the water for an hour, please call ahead to make sure they can accommodate you. Any customer who rents equipment from them assumes full responsibility for any damage the equipment may incur. If damaged, a renter must pay a $40 processing fee per damaged or lost piece of rented equipment in addition to the cost of replacement.

A kayak rental facility usually has single, double, and triple kayaks. Each kayak is equipped with a paddle in your selected size, a PFD (life vest), and a waterproof storage bag. A Specialist will help you pick out Cape Cod kayak rentals that are right for you.

They are happy to take pictures on the water for you!

Each kayak accommodates one or two people. Single and double kayak paddles are all the same length; triple kayaks have a longer paddle. All paddles are made of fiberglass composite and include an adjustable Velcro strap to fit your height needs.

Sizes range from 62″ (do not rent to anyone shorter than 5’3″) to 72″ (no one taller than 6’6″). Paddles are available starting at age 4 (under five should be accompanied by an adult) and up to age 74.

They have rain gear for sale and a limited number for rent. It is recommended that you bring your jacket, pants, and boots if possible. This rain gear is Waterproof, Breathable, Dependable Wet Weather Protection.

Kayak footwear is required

We have a wide selection of water-friendly footwear for sale at the store, and we have a few pairs available to rent. You can bring your own, water shoes with non-slip tread are highly recommended. The sizes available are XS-XL ($5 per item). Rental fees are one-time only and include kayak, paddle(s), spray skirt, buoyancy aid, and paddle suit (for barefoot kayakers).

They offer our Kayak Livery service for those looking for a fun-filled day on the water (call or email for more information). They offer all levels of kayaking instruction, from beginners to advance.

Single kayaks available in 1-2 person tandem and 3-4 person outrigger configurations. Cape Cod kayak rentals will be a good way to experience this area.


What is it like when there’s no wind? Cape Cod is a place that has an abundance of wind, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The weather is usually pleasant throughout the year; there are a few days where it feels like you’re hiking through the snow.

For winter trips, you’ll have to check your accommodations before going out on a kayaking trip. Most of the time, though, this is not an issue, and you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather.

The Wrap Up

Cape Cod has a rich history and a number of water activities to explore.  Each place to go for Cape Cod Kayak Rentals offers different packages and activities. You might enjoy going to Cape Cod so much that you will visit each area.