Best Recreational Kayak: Your Guide

Best Recreational Kayak

The most experienced and also the newbie really love to have a recreational kayak. These kayaks are designed for calm waters like the streams, rivers or the small lakes. While some kayakers love to have hard paddling, others just want to enjoy a gentle, hands-off, relaxed float on the water. Whichever style you enjoy; you can get one that suits you.

This comes in two basic types: The sit on top and sit inside.

The sit inside type comes with a very large compartment that one could sit in, and can keep some gear.
It also tends to have more stability and its compartment prevents water from splashing on you.

The Sit On Top type of kayaks come flat with the boat’s top open to water. this category tends to have different kinds of kayaks that are fun to roll but can easily tip.

Just ensure you wear a life jacket as well as properly secure your gear. You can use any of the models available whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Below we’ll recommend some models.

Sun Dolphin Aruba

Provides a nice adjustable seat– quite a unique design for this model of kayak. It also comes with a little bin for gear storage to keep dry bags. The bin is properly tied to keep it secured. The Aruba model comes also, with some thigh pads, which makes the ride more comfortable.

Weighing just 40 pounds makes this model most lightweight of the different Kayaks been reviewed. The Aruba has a height of 10 feet and is suitable on calm waters.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

For those with a preference for a sit-on-top boat above a sit-inside model, Frenzy from Ocean Kayak remains a good recreational choice and even comes at an amazing price. The model comes with two storage areas in the compartment, cup-holders, very comfortable seats, screw-in drain plugs, molded handles for carrying and many other features.

Also, the open state of the Frenzy’s cockpit makes the paddlers exposed to the splashing water and other elements as compared to the traditional kayak. This model also provides enough freedom and comfort. It is very easy and stable to paddle, the boat remains a perfect choice for excursions while having a relaxed time on a calm or flat water.

Dagger Zydeco 9.0

This is a recreational kayak of mid-range level. There are contoured seats featured on this model and the provision of a thigh pad to provide better comfort. Retractable skeg provided makes a good addition for a mid-range kayak, that will help you maintain straight steering even when conditions are windy. Weighing 48 pounds with a height of 11 feet makes this kayak relatively lightweight.

With a decent compartment in terms of size which can fit in a cooler bag easily. The which makes it a good choice for a newbie or anyone searching for a mid range kayak with great versatility.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

The Pungo 120 is a versatile kayak that provides a wonderful kayaking experience. The Pungo 120 is a kayak to be owned by anyone who wants to have lots of adventure this boat can carry out different kayaking style properly. The boat has a weight of 49 pounds and is very, stable, fast and tracks so well for all those looking for a nice workout or a means to have an amazing time in the water.

The Pungo is made by Wilderness System and it comes with a six–way adjustable seat which allows for easy and quick provision of comfort while in the cockpit. The company also added a storage compartment to the stern which provides a dry, safe place where you can put important gear.

It also has Padded knee braces and sleek foot pegs, also with a well designed dashboard to keep important items in an organized way and manner so as to make them easily reachable. This kayak is a top choice for both beginners and experienced Kayakers.

Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top

This Sit On Top model of kayak comes in with its seat adjustable and features Perceptions Comfort Seating System. The tie downs in both back and front keeps your gear secured in case of tipping. Although most Kayaks that are Sit on Top tend not to be so stable, this kayak is remarkably stable.

The Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top has a weight of about 46 pounds and its length is about 9.5 feet. The Tribe remains a great choice for someone seeking to get a wet feet enjoying a sit on top kayak.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

It’s real fun having a wonderful time kayaking on your own, it is more enjoyable when you can have this fun time shared with a friend or a partner. The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is a model of recreational kayak which was well designed to allow two persons enjoy a great time with lots of fun in the water. The Malibu Two is very easy to paddle and although it is a tandem, it can as well be operated by a single kayaker.

This Recreational kayak has comfortable seats, comfortable side handles to carry loads easily and it has an option for adding as many as three storage hatches. You have a two–person kayak which is also comfortable enough to enjoy any kind of adventure on water.

It has a 12–foot length and a 34–inch width which makes it a stable boat that beginners will enjoy.

Recreational Kayak: Conclusion

Recreational kayaks do come in different price ranges. The right choice of kayak you’ll need is based on certain desired features, and also considering your budget.