10 Tips To Enjoy A Smooth Kayak Launch

Smooth Kayak Launch


When you want to launch your Kayak from a shoreline, the paddlers would have to find a means to move into their kayak and firmly attach their spray skirt on to the roaming, without being affected by the surging water which usually comes up on to the shore. The farther the distance from shore one starts, the longer the distance that will eventually be covered in order to get the Kayak into the water.

The closer you get to the water, the higher the chances that the kayak will be floated out by the surging water while you’re still struggling to put on your spray skirt.

Steep Beach

If you’re launching from a steep beach, the kayak can easily be swallowed by the shore break, even before you get yourself ready. The most ideal spot for launching would need just a push off in order to get to a point where the kayak can be pulled by the surge water and then taken to the surf zone. The term used to refer to the movement of the Kayak along the shore is “Mermaids walk”.

Since we can use the “Mermaids walk” when you decide to place the kayak above the surge water, it’s important you bear in mind that there is a change in surge water height which depends on the waves magnitude and its frequency and also dependent on the height of the river’s tide.

Which means the more you look at the surge water, the better the information you will gather and help in deciding your launching spot. You shouldn’t start adjusting your various equipment right at the launching spot. Every form of adjusting should be done at some distance up the shore.

When you’re done adjusting everything and you are now prepared and ready to launch, then you’ll need to move your kayak to the launching spot that have been chosen.

All For Your Smooth Kayak Launch

It’s nice to have a relaxing day paddling through a river, but how can one move from one point to another on the water? If you’re among those struggling with getting from the dry land into the water, then following tips will give you great assistance on how to launch a kayak.

1. Get A Nice Spot You Can Put In.

This is definitely the very important step in launching the Kayak. Some of the parks offer you a man-made Kayak launch, whereas others may provide a slope bank which goes down into the river to enable you slide the kayak into the river. A dock is also provided to help you launch your Kayak but when none of these is available, gently push the kayak in the water and then step in.

2. Clasp Your Footrests.

Footrests are provided in most recreational Kayaks; this gives you leverage as you paddle. Before launching the Kayak, sit inside then make an adjustment of the footrest so as to make sure your feet are comfortable on them. This is quite difficult to be done once you move into the water.

3. Pack Your Paddle Well Inside.

This is very important when you’re launching the kayak yourself, ensure you stow the paddle inside your kayak before you launch. This will enable you to safely grab hold of it while in water. If you decide to leave the paddle outside the kayak while you are inside, you could risk tipping over when you try to grab hold of the paddle.

4. Hold Securely Onto Your Gear.

Keep your car keys, phone, sunscreen, food and other essentials you’ll need in a waterproof bag then attach it to your kayak. Most kayak have dry storage area in the compartment. If you don’t have one in yours, you can fix it outside of your boat using a rope- many kayaks come with hooks that provides points to tie the ropes on.

5. Wear Your Life Jacket.

Before you move into the kayak, make sure you put on a life jacket. Most calm water can easily get rough so it’s good you go in ready. You must put on a life jacket irrespective of your level of skill.

6. Launching With Someone.

It is good you get into the water with someone. You just have to get in the kayak, take your seat and then have someone push or pull you into water.

7. Launching From The Land.

When launching from land, get to a bank that has a slope. Position your kayak so as to have the nose in the water while the compartment remains on land. Ensure your paddle is stowed then get into your kayak and have a seat. Next is to move forward gently. You might need to get the paddle out in order to push yourself easily down the bank into the surface of water.

8. Launching From A Kayak Launch Or A Dock.

It is easier to launch from a kayak launch or a dock than it is launching from the land. You should keep your kayak on water, close to the kayak launch or dock. Next, ensure your hands are placed on any of the side of your kayak and then you gently get in the boat. Also, you can grab hold of the dock to keep yourself balanced.

9. Launching From Shallow Water.

Pull the kayak to the water, to get it midway to your calf region. Place a hand to each side of your kayak’s compartment, then step in a foot before the other. Carefully and slowly sit down, try as much as you can not to shift weight to any direction.

10. Take Out The Paddle And Roll.

Once you’ve gotten in to your kayak and you’re now on water, bring out the paddle and roll!

Wrap Up

The above ten tips will help you enjoy a smooth kayak launch and then you’ll have a great day paddling on the lake or river.